Friday, October 31, 2014


Hello everyone n welcome again to another of my post... I have not written anything in almost a year or so. Today, I'll be touching on the subject ' accountablity', sorry if i spell it wrongly.

 I 'm writing on this subject as i found out many people always forget about it. Allow me to share with you things i went thought during college. My friends always ask me why i did not had any GF during my college days... Was i a gay or just to busy? Well, my answer was simple... i did not have the money yet. Every single sen of money given to me back then was only for one purpose.. My Study... My stand is.. as long as i cant feed myself yet, i wont touch people's daugther. This is what i called 'Accountablity'. I did not regret it as i know, i had never missuse the money given to me.

The other thing is, if you cant even look after small things in life... How can God place bigger things for you. Show God you have the Accountablity and He will open up heaven's gate for you...

Good day n have a blessed weekend.

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